About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our vision is to be a church in pursuit of God’s glory, to be centered in the Jesus story and to give new life to our city.

Core Values

God's Glory - A Church in Pursuit of God's Glory

Beauty, theology, meaning… We love and worship a true and living being. God. All of creation reflects his excellent beauties. Chief designer, a powerful and righteous judge. Perfection in every regard. A being who loves to extend his grace and allow humans to explore his depths. A three in one Trinity who is truly the reason and source for all worship.

The Jesus Story - A Church Centered in the Jesus Story

Jesus’ person, word, and work… Jesus came into the world to rescue and redeem humans who have been separated from the glory of God in their lives. As perfectman he lived the life we have all failed in. As perfect God he died the eternal death we deserve for our infinitely offensive failure. Jesus rose again from death and now lives and reigns as king. Jesus is worthy of our worship and sufficient for both our salvation and our sanctification.

San Diego - A Church Giving New Life to San Diego

Jesus’ gospel not only secures our eternal standing with God but opens up our lives and enables us to begin living how we are meant to… caring for each other, our neighbors, and the city we live in. It’s messy and raw at times both dealing with the wreckage of our own hearts and the wreckage of issues in our town. Yet, with bright Jesus resurrection gospel hope and confidence, our vision is to see San Diego as a whole be reached as we live and love as gospel missionaries through one person and one street at a time.

Who We Are

Our Name – The Apostle Paul used the Greek word krino in 1 Corinthians 2:2 as “resolved” to speak of the passionate dedication to pursue Jesus Christ while living among a city. A city is a place where a dense amount of diverse people live and form a culture made up of ideas, business, art, play, food, and spirituality.

Our People – We see ourselves as an ever increasing family of individuals united by our faith in the person and work of Jesus. We are not so much a business or a building but a body of people pursuing the glory of God through the gospel of Jesus while being missionaries in our own city.

Our Heritage – Our church family belongs to the historic Christian faith as handed down through the reformed tradition and we are a part of the Acts 29 Network.


We seek to accomplish this vision through three primary routes of regularly gathering together to worship our God on Sundays, meeting together in homes during the week to discuss our lives and pray, and through being on mission as missionaries in our city where we work, serve and play.