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90 Day Generosity Challenge

April 29 - July 29


From April 29 through July 29, we are challenging our whole church to grow in generosity. Three months where we want to up the ante in the giving of our time, our talent, and our treasures.

Consider how could you give more time to God, His people, or His mission for others in our city.

Consider what gifts, talents, and things you can do with some gospel intentionality to serve others?

Consider starting to regularly giving some money to God’s church. Just a little something each month. If you’ve been doing that, challenge yourself and think “could I give the 10% the Bible talks about?” And if you’ve been doing that, think “could I do even more?”

We’re not after your money. We’re after all of us seeing all of our lives as Gods, under His good stewardship and plan.