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A Jesus for Many [Luke 9:10-17]
Sermon Discussion

-Read the passage.
-This is the only miracle that is recorded in all 4 gospel accounts! Why do you think that is?
-What kinds of miracles has Jesus done so far in Luke?

I. Desolate Places
-Jesus takes the disciples out to a desolate place to rest and be with Him. Jesus purposefully brings them into a desolate place. Why might Jesus have done this?
-Jesus had compassion on the crowd who had followed them.
-The disciples were tired, hungry and frustrated at the crowd.
-Jesus, instead of being frustrated, has deep compassion on them and seeks to help meet their need.
-When you find yourself in a desolate place in your life, how do you tend to respond to those around you? To God?
-Jesus has compassion on us when we find ourselves in a desolate place. How have you experienced the compassion of Christ in those places?
-Why does God bring us into desolate places in our lives? What do we learn about ourselves and God in those times?

II. Divine Graces
-What does Jesus do for the people?
-What is the state of the disciples emotions at this point? Can you relate with them?
-Jesus turns His attention, and the peoples', to God the Father asking His blessing on the food. What does this show us about the relationship between the Father and Son?
-We see so many instances when God uses food as the occasion to move His story along and to reveal truths about Himself. How do we see this with the miracle of the multiplication of the food? What are some other ways in Scripture that God uses food to move the story of redemption and Gods character?
-In this scene with Jesus we see that God provides us all things! There is nothing that we live and experience which is not provided by God. Why is this difficult to remember and believe at times?
-How would we live our lives differently when we remember that God faithfully provides all things for us all the time?

III. Delighted Faces
-Why does Luke mention the 12 baskets left over? What does this teach us about God?
-The people ate and were satisfied. Jesus provided fully and completely for their satisfaction. Do you find your soul being satisfied in Jesus? Why or why not?

IV. Pray for one another!