A Jesus for the (Un)Churched

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Sermon Discussion | Luke 4:16-44
Pastor Ryan Buss

The text shows Jesus starting His earthly ministry. Everything before has been a kind of preparation for when we see Jesus start His ministry. The first thing we see Him doing is to show us what His church would be about.

Duane started the sermon by giving a little history on the structure of the church in the first century. The way that the church started was based on the Jewish synagogues of the time. Thus, in a way, Jesus grew up going to church.

Synagogue = church: the structure of the gathering of Gods people had been happening for centuries before Jesus comes on the scene.

What has been your experience with church growing up? What kinds of things did you like or dislike? Was it good? Bad? What makes a church a good church or bad church? What is church supposed to be about?

Duane started by giving some statistics about the decline of churches in America and why it is shrinking so quickly and so intensely. What do you believe are some of the causes of that? How do you think you have contributed to this? How can you help be the change?

I. Jesus and Church Pastors

Jesus quotes from the prophet Isaiah who prophesied about the coming Messiah and what He would be like, and Jesus tells the congregation that He is, in fact, this Messiah. Jesus is pointing to Himself as the Son of God, and the bad church pastors reject Him.

Pastors are to point people to Jesus, the Son of God, and to minister to His people that they might know and love Jesus.

What we see from Jesus is that the church is meant to be a hospital, not a club. The Church is meant to help care for the poor, outcast, hurting people. How can you help do that in your life now? What prevents you from really living that out?

II. Jesus and Church People

The church is to be a welcoming church which extends the mercy and love of Jesus to all people. Anyone and everyone are to be welcomed in. Are you willing to welcome into your life people who are new? Are you willing to welcome in people who look and act very differently than you? Why or why not?

Why do you think we need people who are unlike us to cause us to grow?

As a church, we care for one another like a family. What kind of care does this look like? How are doing in looking after the others in our church like family?

Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet. How can you be His hand and feet to hurting people this week?

III. Jesus and Church Power

A few times in the text Jesus’ power, in His teaching and healing, is highlighted. What are some of the ways that His power is shown in the text?

Why is it significant that Jesus defeated the devil in the wilderness and casting out demons in the text? What does this signify for us? How does Jesus’ power encourage you today?

We need to have a healthy, balanced view of evil and the devil. That the devil is real and is very powerful. However, he was defeated by Jesus and does not hold the kind of power over mankind that he uses to.

And that Jesus is true God and Lord, and His kingdom is breaking through now and will be fully consummated in the future. Jesus came to set is free from the bondage of our sin. Are there places in your life where you are bound and need Jesus to set you free?

IV. Jesus and Church Preaching

Jesus came to preach the good news to the poor, both physically and spiritually. This is the clearest statement by Him of why He came; to preach. We need God’s word in our life to minister to us.

Jesus came to open blind eyes to Him. How do you need Jesus to open your eyes? Do you feel lost or adrift in your life?

Jesus came to set the oppressed free. How do you need Jesus to lift the burden from you?

V. Pray for One Another