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A Jesus Who Forgives
Sermon Discussion
Luke 17:1-19

What is something that you did in the past, but were never caught?
What is forgiveness? An absorption, a taking in without retaliating, a giving up of control.

Forgiveness hears [vs. 1-6]
How does Jesus view sin in relationships?
What is to be our posture toward one another regarding sin?
How does faith and forgiveness go together? [vs. 5]
If we find ourselves unable to forgive, what might this be telling us about ourselves? About our faith in God?

Forgiveness Hurts [vs. 7-10]
What happens when someone chooses not to forgive us? What about when we choose not to forgive someone else?
Why does forgiving others hurt sometimes?
How often should I forgive someone who is chronically hurting me?
Who do you find difficult to forgive in your life? Why?

Forgiveness Heals [vs. 11-19]
We see that of the ten lepers only one comes back to thank Jesus. How does forgiveness and thankfulness relate to one another? Do they?
Follow up from last week: What is the difference between forgiveness and mercy? How might the two relate to each other? Who do you have a hard time having mercy towards? Why?
How does forgiveness produce healing in our lives and in our relationships?
Pray for one another