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A Jesus Who is More
Sermon Discussion
[Luke 9:28-43]

-We are made for more. If there was one thing you could have more of in life, what would it be? Why?

I. Ghosts
-Recap the scene on top of the mountain with Jesus and His disciples. What do you notice about Jesus in this scene? His disciples?
-In the 2nd century there was a heretical movement called Docetism, which claimed that Jesus was like a ghost; that He did not have a real, physical body or really suffer.What makes this such a dangerous belief? How might our culture have a similar false belief about Jesus?
-The cross is where we see the glory of Christ most clearly. How?
-Peter, James and John did not want to see the cross and the suffering of Jesus, but instead wanted to build the Divine Castle here and now. How might we be similar in our doubts or desires as the disciples?

II. Gods
-Luke lives in a culture that venerated the worship of many different gods. So non-Jews living during this time would have naturally read this story and saw many gods in it. How might our culture be more similar to the 1st century time with the worship of many different gods?
-Jesus challenges us to believe that He is more than we think. He is not just a god, but The God! There is no wiggle room for unbelief. Why don't we like to hear that? What is it about hearing there is only one way that is difficult for us?
-God the Father loves and delights in His Son! This love and delight is given to us that we might experience this in relationship with us. Do you believe this? How might this relational focus change how we live out our faith?

III. Glory
-How would you define glory? How does our culture define glory?
1. glory is the ultimate in the Bible. It is all of Gods infinite, vast and great aspects in one word.
-The disciples saw the unseen glory of God in the face of Jesus. If you were to see this glory today, how do you think you would respond? Why?
-What in our culture tempts us to believe in a false glory? What glories does our culture preach today? How is Jesus more glorious that any of those?
-Like the little boy in the story, where do we need the healing of Jesus? How might seeing His glory in the cross heal us today?

IV. Pray for one another!