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A Jesus Who is Strong
Sermon Discussion
Luke 11:14-26

Read the passage to refresh your memory.

-What is strength? When you think of someone who is strong, who comes to mind? Why? Why are we drawn to strength?

I. Superior Power
-In the passage we see that Jesus casts out a demon. How is He able to do that?
-What does Jesus' actions against the demon teach us about His view of evil and how we as His followers are to view it?
-How is Jesus' ways of casting out demons different/superior than those of the day?
-What are things in our culture that we view as evil today? How does the gospel help us to respond to it?
-Where do you need Jesus power in your life today?

II. Superior Logic
-Jesus has supreme logic and demonstrates that in how He responds to the crowd. He demonstrates all knowledge, being an attribute of the Divine. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus knows every thought before we ever think it?
-Why is it a comfort that Jesus, the Supreme Power, knows all things and knows all things in our life?
-Jesus cares about how we think, as well as how we live. How can Jesus transform our minds and thinking?

III. Superior Grace
-Jesus really desires that people hear His message and respond to it by faith. When we receive His message, we are given the Holy Spirit who makes our soul His home and we abide in Him.
-Jesus gathers and longs to gather us unto Himself, safe in His arms. What do you look to in your life to make you feel safe? Why is Jesus better than that?
-Where do you need Jesus' strong arms if grace in your life today?

IV. Pray for one another!