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A Jesus Who is the Greatest
Sermon Discussion
[Luke 11:27-32]

Who comes to mind when you think of the greatest person who has ever lived? Why?

I. Seeking Signs
-Jesus is the greatest because He gives us life.
-How do you define success? Why?
-Jesus was succeeding by the worlds definition; yet seemed not to care about that. He seemed more concerned about why they were following Him. The crowds were seeking signs, and Jesus condemned them as evil. Why do you think He said this?
-Why do you think we tend to be fascinated by the supernatural and the fantastic?
-Jesus didn’t want to have people desire what He could do, but He Himself. What Jesus did was to point to relationship with Himself. Why might this be hard to accept or live out in our lives?
-How do we tend to fall into this trap in modern Christianity today? How do you find yourself falling into this trap?

II. Seeking the Son
-Jesus brings up 3 key people: Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and Jonah. What do you think Jesus is doing by referring to these people? What is Jesus trying to communicate here?
-How does Jesus want us to seek Him?
-Jesus is greater than King Solomon. What do we look to in this world for wisdom or riches?
-Jesus is greater than Jonah. What do you look to in this world to save you and to help you in life? The resurrection of Jesus is the proof of Jesus being the Son of God and the true savior of mankind. It is that which sets us apart from the rest of the world. How does the resurrection give us life? How does it give us hope in the midst of life?
-The resurrection is the true sign of Jonah

III. Seeking a Savior
-Why does Jesus bring up the reality of the coming judgement for those who reject the sign that Jesus gives us of resurrection?
-What comes to mind when you read about Gods judgement? What is this meant for us to do in us?
-Who are we to seek for salvation from this coming judgment?
-How does the reminder of this judgement push us toward relationship with Christ?