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A Jesus Who is The Light
Sermon Discussion

Opening Question: Have you ever warned someone or been warned by someone about a dangerous situation that was about to happen? What was the response or outcome?

Observation questions:
*Anything stand out? What are some questions this text raises in your mind?

*This week we are looking at some of Jesus’ teachings. What’s going on in this situation? What's the context? Who are these teachings directed towards?

*What is Jesus’ demeanor in this passage? How would you describe his choice of words?

*What are some of the warnings Jesus gives in this passage?

Interpretation questions:
*Why does Jesus call the eye “the lamp of the body?” (An eye that is healthy describes a spiritually healthy way of looking at things. A bad eye, or evil way of looking at things, results in a life full of moral and spiritual darkness.)

*Why do you think Jesus addresses the people the way that He does? What would be your response if someone spoke to you this way?

*Why does Jesus say that it’s what’s on the inside that matters?

*Verse 46 says that the lawyers hold the people to higher standards than the scripture makes necessary and then do nothing to help them actually fulfill those things. Why is this dangerous? (teaches moralism and they aren’t shepherding and caring for the people God has entrusted to them)

*What are some of the ways in which you look at things that needs an adjustment?

*Living in the world of social media can be tough. There’s a constant pressure to have it all together, or at least seem like you do. What are some ways that you struggle with trying to appear like you have it all together? (vulnerability begets vulnerability here)

*What are some areas in your life that you need the “light of Christ” to shine in?