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A Jesus Worth Investing In 
Luke 19:1-27

-When you were growing up, what was something that you saved up to buy that you really looked forward to?  Why? 

Read and review the passage together.

I. The King's Visit 
a. Why do you think Luke focuses on the story about Zacchaeus? 
b. What are some themes that you noticed in this story? 
c. Why do you think Zacchaeus was so excited to see Jesus? 
d. How did salvation come to Zacchaeus? 
e. What are things in our life that we need Jesus to visit and bring salvation? 

II. The King's Value 
a. The story of Zacchaeus reminds us that Jesus' Kingdom is worth investing. What makes His kingdom worth giving our lives away for? 
b. Our money shows where our hearts are at; we always spend money on the things that we truly value. If you were to really look at your bank account and personal budgets, what would you see as a value in your life? 
c. How can we grow in having our personal/family  budgets reflect our Kingdom values? 

III. The King's Virtue 
a. Jesus finishes the passage with a parable about wise and unwise ways to use what God has given us for His Kingdom. What is being communicated about investments in this parable? 
b. Pastor Duane says "But Jesus calls us to let go, to release our grasp and to entrust ourselves to Him. Having eternal treasure and the favor of the king is far better than hoarding earthly goods. When it comes to our resources, our time, talent and treasure this principle applies: use it or lose it. Use it or lose it. We can either use what God has given us for His purposes or we will ultimately lose not only that but our life." What do you think about that? 
c. What time do you have to give to Jesus, His Kingdom, and His people? 
d. What talents do you have to use for Him? 
e. What treasure do you have to give to Him? 

IV. Pray for one another!