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A Jesus Who Welcomes Outcasts
Luke 14:1-35
Sermon Discussion

-What is a unique talent or interest that you have?
-What was one of your favorite clubs or groups that you have ever been a part of? Why?

I. The Feast
-Jesus shares a parable about being invited to a wedding feast. His exhortation is not to seek out the places of honor, but to let others be honored before you.
-How do you tend to exalt yourself above others?
-How do we see our culture seeking to exalt certain races, classes, or categories of people in society?
-How can we as Christians honor, and exalt, those who are the outcast in society and in our church?
-What is the end goal of raising up others and seeking to exalt the downcast at the feast in the parable?

II. The Invitation
-Jesus proceeds to share another parable, similar to the one before, about a man who was inviting people to his wedding feast. The ones who declined were the ones of high social and political standing. The ones who were brought into the feast to share in the master's joy were the outcasts and marginalized. What does this tell us about the nature of God?
-Was there ever a time when you felt like an outcast or on the margins of a social group? What did that feel like?
-How do you tend to keep undesirable people out of your life? Why?
-How can the church be a place where the outcast, the socially marginalized groups of people find a home and find a place at the table of God's people?
-How can you be a person who is welcoming toward outsiders and the marginalized?
-Who are the crippled, the lame, the blind and poor of our city? Where do they live? How can we help?

III. The Cost
-Jesus finishes this text with the warning to count the cost of following Him. He spent two parables describing the glory of being with Him and eating at His wedding feast in heaven, not He wants His disciples to be aware that there will be a cost to following Him in this world? What is that cost?
-Was there ever a time when you worked on a project and underestimated how much it would cost to complete? What was that like?
-Have you ever felt the cost of following Jesus in this world? If not, why not? What might that say about your faith?
-Why is Jesus so much better than the world? Why is it worth following Him despite the cost?

IV. Pray for one another!