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Christ the Light

The theme of our advent season is light and what it means for Jesus to be our light and for us to live in the light of the Gospel. Here is an excerpt from Christ the Light by David L. Whidden III, where he takes a look at the theme of light through the writings of Thomas Aquinas.


What God does as teacher is share his own goodness with us and constantly make himself manifest to us. One of the words that appears consistently in the context of illumination with regard to God is "manifestation," based on things manifest to us and without it, we cannot see. God is constantly reaching toward us through a variety of means, internal and external, to communicate who he is and that we should love him. God is supremely knowable to God and shares that supreme knowledge with us, both through creation and revelation, out of the love of his goodness. God is not some remote deity that ignores us, but one constantly reaching out to us, Thr primary of the Father of lights is our knowledge of God that comes from God's own self-knowledge. Holy teaching, then, is based on God's infallible self-manifestation to us, based upon his goodness.