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Easter Clean Up

March 26-31 | 10am - 4pm

According to a national survey, clean facilitlies is the third most important reason a person considers when attending a church, right behind the preaching and worship music. We realize the importance of this, so we would love your help cleaning our facilities before Easter, our biggest Sunday of the year!

If you'd like to pitch in, come any day from Monday, March 26 through Saturday March 31 from 10am - 4pm and check something off the list below!

• scrub walls, stall panels, and doors
• clean floors

• clear out chairs to sweep and mop
• clean and paint walls as needed

R | Kids
• vacuum and clean carpets
• clean and paint walls as needed
• replace stained ceiling tiles

• stain east side pergolas
• finish picnic tables to match
• hose down parking lot
• wash and clean windows

Living Room + Halls
• clear out couches and table to sweep and mop
• replace burnt out flourecent lighting
• clean and paint walls as needed

• organize and clean as needed