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Jesus the Lord of History
Sermon Discussion 
Luke 21:5-38

What is your favorite movie/tv show/book about the future? Why? What is it about the future that we are drawn to and try to discern?

I. History’s Horrors
Jesus is giving a couple of different sermons in this passage. He is focusing on the past and future events that are to take place in human history. Jesus gives a scathing review of human and world history, that it is full of violence, hatred and destruction. This is not how it meant to be.

Man made wars and atrocities have been occurring since the very beginning of human history with Cain and Able. It is a reminder that sin goes to the very core of human nature and we need help to be free of it. How are we to respond in the face of human tragedy and atrocities?

Natural disasters are actually “unnatural disasters” as they were never meant to be a part of the order of creation. Instead they act as another reminder of the curse of sin brought upon us by Adam and Eve, and the whole creation groans to be free of it. How are we to respond when we or others we know and love are affected by these kinds of disasters?

II. History’s Hopes
Jesus then goes on to preach that we put our hopes in the wrong things to save us or to see change in human nature. What types of things do we see Jesus mentioning?

False hopes:
-Buildings: how might we put our hope in buildings?
-Human leaders: how might we put our hope in human leaders?

What kinds of things does San Diego and our American culture tend to put our hope in to save us and make us better? How do we see this express?
What do you find yourself gravitating towards? Why?

III. History’s Hero
Jesus finishes this portion of sermons by describing what the end times will be like. He makes it very clear that things will continue on as “normal” until He comes again, and when He comes it will be a global phenomenon which no one will miss! There is no rapture before He comes, there is no tribulation before He comes, He will simply come in as the conquering and victorious Lord and that will be it!

- How might this truth be different than what some Christians think?

- Why does this truth enable our faith to be strengthened?

Everything in human history culminates with Jesus. Human history began with Jesus, is all about Jesus, and ends with Jesus! How might this give us hope and purpose in our lives today?

IV. Pray for one another!