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Luke 22:63-23:25
Sermon Discussion 

Read the passage, or have someone paraphrase what happened.

-What are ways that we see injustice in our society today? Why is justice something that we all desire to see in our lives and in the society at large?

I. Lies For Truth

-How is injustice connected to lies? How do we see this get played out in our culture today? How does the truth help to bring justice where there is injustice?

- What do we see about Jesus' character as related to the truth in this passage? What lies are people speaking about Jesus? How does this enable Jesus to empathize with us when we experience injustice?

II. Wounds For Healing

- How do we see Jesus being wounded in this passage? Wounds can be much more than physical, so how are ways that you have been wounded in your life? How does Jesus' wounding help me to experience healing in those areas of woundedness?

-How do wounding and injustice relate to each other? What are the relational effects of injustice caused by wounds?

III. Guilt For Freedom

-What is guilt? How is this related to injustice?
-How do we see Jesus being condemned unjustly?
-Which character are we most like in the passage with Jesus' trial?
-How does Jesus' unjust sentencing make us free? What is freedom and how is it related to guilt?

IV. Death For Life

- How are justice and life related to one another? Why?
- "Little deaths" are ways that we experience relational separation from another person. What are ways that you see/experience "little deaths" in your life today? How does Jesus' life help us to bring life back into those relational areas?

Pray for one another!