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Jesus the Lord of Lords
Sermon Discussion
[Luke 20:1-44]

-When was a time that you tried to reject authority in your life? What did that look like?

I. Beloved Son (vs. 1-18)
-How would you define authority? Why?
-What is significant about the way that Jesus responds to the questions regarding His authority?
-How does the parable help us understand more of Jesus’ position as Son?
-Why do we tend to not love the Son, but we put to death His voice and lordship in our lives?
-How can we give the Son's voice greater rule in our lives?

II. Creator God (vs. 19-26)
-What is Jesus teaching us about Himself in how He responds to the challenge with the coin?
-Who made you? Who do you belong to? Why is this a necessary question to answer and live out of?
-What does our culture today tell us about how we came to be? What does this imply about how we are to live?
-How do we try to get out from under Jesus’ authority as our Creator? What does this look like?

III. Living Victor (vs. 27-44)
-The issue that is brought before Jesus is the question of what comes after death? Jesus addresses their unbelief through the Scriptures. What does Jesus say about life after death? How does this influence how we live our lives today?
-What does our culture tell us about what comes after death?
-Why do we have such a hard time living under the authority and rule of Jesus? How does what you have lived in your life influence the way you respond to authority and specifically to God’s authority?
-How does Jesus heal us in those places where we have been hurt or have sinned against Him?

IV. Pray for one another!