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Loving God Pt. 2; Transforming Love
Pastor Ryan Buss

-When you think about growing up, what were some things that you looked forward to about growing up? What sort of stuff do you look back on with nostalgia?

-Growing Up [vs. 12-14]
1. What are some of the different characteristics about John's portrayal of spiritual maturity?
2. How do we grow in spiritual maturity? Why should we be pursuing spiritual maturity?
3. How does God's love for us help us to grow in maturity?

-Greater Desires [vs.15-17]
1. John gives us the commands to not love the world or the things in the world. How is John using the term "world" in this context? Why is this important to remember as we read this passage?
2. What are the desires of the flesh? What does this look like in our culture today?
3. What are the desires of the eyes?
4. What is the pride of life? How do you find yourself being tempted in these things in your life?
5. How does God's love help us to overcome the temptations of the world? How does God's love help us to find our desires transformed?

-Pray for one another!