Pastor Dan's Sabbatical

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Dear Resolved Church family,

As many of you already know, in our desire to love and care for our pastors well, we have started to implement regular sabbaticals for our leadership team. We started with Pastor Duane, and this year Pastor Dan and his family are receiving this gift. They are currently beginning their four-month sabbatical as of this month. We want to encourage you all to give them the space they need for their souls to be able to fully engage in the sabbatical process; to rest, recalibrate, and re-enter back into ministry healthier and with a desire to serve you all for many more years to come.

The ways that we are asking you to love and serve them well are to give them space by disengaging from communicating with them via email, phone, or social media. Doing this will enable them to be able to be fully present in their sabbatical, and to allow the Lord to minister to the deep places of their soul without distraction, which is a powerful act of love toward them. As a church, we care deeply for this wonderful family and are eager to see how Jesus will minister to them during this time. We believe that this sabbatical process is not only a God-given blessing to His ministers but also necessary for the continued well-being and care for His people. Thus, we want to give Pastor Dan and his family all the support and love we can in this

It goes without saying that Pastor Dan has some big shoes to fill during his sabbatical, and we wanted to give you a couple of people to contact when you have questions or concerns that normally Dan would be involved with.

1. For most general questions Dan's assistant, Molly, will be the person to go to. Her email address is

2. If you have questions regarding building care, LampPost Warehouse events, or ministry questions, please contact Dave Christman,

3. If you have any other pastoral concerns or questions please contact me,

If you would like to give them a special financial love gift during this time of healing, please use the designation "Staff Calvert". We would love to bless them with special meals, or vacations, or gift cards as another tangible expression of our love and support for them.

We are so glad to be able to give the Calverts this sabbatical, and are very excited for what God is doing, and will continue to do, during this time. Thank you, Resolved Church, for your love and support for Pastor Dan and his family.

On behalf of the elders of the Resolved Church,

Pastor Ryan Buss