Race and America

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At last week's Night of Hope, we watched this 18 minutes video, Race and America, from Q Ideas, an organization recognizing the deep need within the American church for heightened cultural exposure and understanding, Gospel-centered critical thinking, and active collaboration among church leaders who would chart the future of the church in the West.  

If you missed our Night of Hope, watch the video below and think through the questions we've provided below.

Questions to Consider

Consider the most important experience that shaped you into the person you are today.

Think about your own culture and something you wish was different.

When has someone of another culture made an assumption about your culture (cause) and it caused you harm (effect). How did that make you feel?

What difference would it make (in your friendships, families, our community, the broader current culture, etc.) if diversity was more of a reality in our lives and church?

What are some ways we can celebrate our differences to communicate an attitude of acceptance?

Can you point to a time in your life where you have faced oppression? Can you see any ways that you have benefited from someone else's oppression?

Do you believe that, despite our frequent missteps, the church is the one institution that is best equipped to overcome the racial divide? Why?

What are the key lies (in us, in our churches, in our communities) that must be exposed for us to embrace and celebrate racial differences?

In a single sentence, using the beginning statement “I WILL”, please share what YOU are willing do to help make the Church one in which assumptions and pre-judgment don’t affect OUR relationships with one another.

How can we ensure that this conversation today doesn't end here but continues and becomes part of our lives?