The State of The Resolved

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The State of The Resolved

Sermon Discussion

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This week we departed from the regular sermon series in Luke to discuss the current state of The Resolved Church, particularly the critical financial situation we find ourselves in now.

Take some time to discuss people’s reactions to the news we received this week regarding the church’s financial crisis. How did you respond when you first received the news about our church’s financial situation?

What are your thoughts/feelings/frustrations about our financial state?

I. Our Church Story

The Resolved Church began as a response to a vision Duane had to reach the people of San Diego for Jesus Christ. Have you ever felt a particular calling from God for ministry? Do you feel like you share the vision of The Resolved? Why or why not?

Do you think it’s important for the people of a church to share a common vision? Why would this be important?

This is the first financial crisis our church has ever been in (which is actually great news)! It is a normal part of church life (and family life) to go through seasons of financial hardship. What are some things we can learn together as a church family in the midst of a financial crisis? Is there anything of value we can take away from this season?

James 1:2-4 teaches us the joy and value we can find in trials. Read through the passage and re-ask the previous question.

II. Our Generous God

Read through Acts 4:34-35 and Philippians 4:15-20. What do you notice in these passages about the church’s attitude toward giving financially? Do you see this mirrored in the modern church? Why or why not?

What are some obstacles we face both personally and corporately to financial giving in today’s society? What is our culture's view of financial giving?

Duane expressed great hope for this season, believing that God is being good to us in this crisis. How can God be both good and allow us to be in crisis at the same time?

God’s Word makes it very clear that God is both rich and generous to all (He owns everything! See 1 Chronicles 29:11-13). How has God been generous to you?

We tend to overlook the generosity of God because His blessings are so prevalent and common. We take things for granted far too often. How can we reorient our hearts to view the everyday blessings of God (like life, health, family, and above all Jesus Christ) as things to be truly grateful for? How can this lead us to be generous people in turn?

III. Our Opportunity

Our church has many exciting things on the horizon, and we want to continue to faithfully pursue what God has put on our hearts to do.

In Philippians, Paul views the giving of the local church as a partnership in ministry. Money is simply a vehicle that makes the mission happen. Money helps us move the mission forward.

How do you view giving financially? Is it like participating in ministry or is it more like paying taxes?

Duane laid out the leadership’s plan to address this financial crisis:

- Publicly address the situation.

- Call members directly to discuss.

- Call our church to pray for the leadership to have wisdom in what to do.

- Ask members to evaluate their own finances to see how they give or give more.

- 90-Day Challenge of generous giving.

What are your thoughts about the way forward for our church?

What part can we play as a group and as individuals in helping to support our church?

Pray For One Another

Pray for wisdom for the leadership with financial decisions

Pray for the hearts of people to see God’s generosity, and for the desire to be generous in response.

Pray for unity, growth, and maturity through this very difficult season.