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Luke 24:1-12 // 36-43
Sermon Discussion

Read the passage.

What are you noticing about the descriptions of life and death in this passage? What might this teach us about Jesus and the goal of all things?

-What is a story that you have enjoyed recently? Why? Why do you think we love stories? What might this teach us about our nature as humans?

I. The Death of Skepticism

-How do you think Luke's profession as a medical doctor either helped or hindered his ability to believe and write about the resurrection? What about you?

-Christianity hinges totally on a historical/scientific fact that Jesus rose from the dead. Why is this important to our faith? How is this either encouraging or challenging to you and your faith?

-What are some of the evidences that Luke provides for us regarding the resurrection?
-Where might you be wrestling with skepticism in your faith? How does the resurrection help to bring assurance to our faith?

II. The Death of Suffering

-The resurrection places a large emphasis on the human body. How do we see this being emphasized in our text?

-We are embodies souls, and our physical bodies have a huge impact on our souls well being. Why do you think that is? How have you experienced the body/soul connection in your life?

-How does Jesus’ incarnation as a physical human man teach us about the sacredness of our physical bodies? What is your view of the body?

-“Jesus Mission is the redeemed the human body. Christianity is a body religion.” What do you think about this? How do we see this played out in the Scriptures and in our lives?

III. The Death of Sadness

-What is sadness? How do we see people being sad in our text? How do we see them becoming joyful? What causes them this kind of joy?

-What are some of the different emotions in this text?

-How does the hope/promise of the resurrection help to redeem/reinterpret those sad and difficult things we have lived in our stories?

-What are some things that you need the power of the resurrection to help bring joy into your life again?

IV. Pray for one another!