Don't Be Weird (About Jesus)

Friend of Sinners

While the conversation was on the topic of golf, business strategy, or your kids’ school play, you were fine, you were laughing, you were comfortable, you were yourself, and you were having fun. But when the conversation turned to Jesus, you got weird. You got tongue tied and cotton-mouthed. You started breathing heavily; you got very serious and relationally cold. Any hint of joy was gone from your demeanor as you began to talk to them about the Greatest News Ever.

Do you see the contradiction? When talking about anything else, you’re fine. You’re relaxed. But when you talk about the Gospel, your demeanor betrays your message. Your friends think it’s weird when you get weird. Relax. Trust God. Breathe. And then talk about the Gospel like you talk about other things, naturally.

You don’t have to have all the answers to people’s questions, you can say something like, ‘I’m not sure, I’ll have to look into that.’ Don’t get weird. Don’t get defensive, and don’t get frustrated. Just be yourself.

Excerpt from Friends of Sinners: An Approach To Evangelism by Harvey Turner