Join us on April 21 at 10am

Easter is one of the most exciting times of the year. If you've never been to our church it's a great Sunday to come check our church out! We'd love to meet you.

It’s also the easiest and best time to invite people to church! Imagine what God might do in the lives of people you know or would never expect through your simple invite.

Band: Sheep Draw Trail

Sermon: The Lion Who Roars by Pastor Duane Smets

Celebrations: Baptisms, Ice Cream Truck, Photo Booth, Giveaways and More

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I’m excited about being a part of this…Easter service at The Resolved Church! They’re having the band Sheep Draw Trail, a sermon on Jesus as the lion, baptisms, an ice cream truck, photo booth, giveaways and more. I’m going to the 10am service, wanna come? #sdchurch #theresolvedchurch

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