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Prayer Guide

Pray with us as a church

“I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, (and) for…all who are in high positions.”

- 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Mission Statement

This year we are focusing on our third core value “San Diego.” We believe God has called our church to be a light in our city in order to love it and bless it with the good news of King Jesus and the life He gives. We see ourselves as missionaries sent by God in order to reach as many people as possible in our city. We want to reach all types of people so pray for cultural diversity and that we might be an instrument for racial healing in our land. Pray that God will help us both individually and as a church to be on mission and engage this year so that we may see souls saved and our city changed through our efforts. 

Ministry Philosophy

How we go about our mission matters. We believe a focus on health and maturity enables us to have long-term viability, producing a great church. The way we go about that is caring for our leaders and members physical, emotional, and spiritual health by having regular counsel, training, and retreats. Pray that God continues to help us become healthy and mature so we can have a great impact in our church and city.


We have many leaders in our church. Leadership is not easy. Hebrews 13:19 calls us to pray for our church leaders. Pray they would be unified as a team, that they would be good examples and that they would serve with God’s strength and joy (1 Peter 4:11). Some ministries had a clear leader at one time who have transitioned out, pray that God would raise up a leader for the art, connect, men, and surfing ministries.

Our Worship Service

Pray God continue to draw people consistently to worship Him. Pray that God’s presence is felt among us as we gather to fellowship, sing, learn from His Word, receive the sacraments and be blessed in His name.



Mission Statement

Our church is resolved to worship God, to know Jesus and to love our city.




Our church is resolved to accomplish our mission by being a healthy, mature, and great church.



Dan Calvert

Ryan Leech (candidate)


Bill Freese

Carson Kvaternik

Diana Freese

Gabe Hagstrom

J.C. Agajanian

Louie Juarez

Nick Todd

Ryan Leech

Community Group Leaders

Carson & Jenny Kvaternik

Gabe & Lauren Hagstrom

Joe & Marcela Morris

Ryan & Valerie Buss

Ryan & Kelsey Leech

Stephen & Elisha Freese

Stefan & Anneliise Jorgensen

Ministry Leaders

Audio/Visual - Chris Perdue

Connect - Ryan Burger

R | Kids - Lauren Hagstrom

R | Men - Joe Morris

R | Mercy - Kevin & Laura Cieslewkouski

R | Music - Ryan Leech

R | Prayer - Bill Freese

R | Moms - Jenny Kvaternik

R | Women - Diana Freese