3 Tips for Evangelism

Friend of Sinners

1) Pray and offer prayer

Evangelistic prayer is talking to God about the people in your life you are evangelizing. Prayer is the force and the fuel of evangelism.

2) Be interested in people

If we engage others with this canned approach, they’re going to see right through it. They’ll be able to tell that they’re just a project to you, not a person to be in relationship with. Be interested, and let the Holy Spirit fill you and open the doors to talk about the gospel. Make the conversation about them. Get to know them, their aspirations, dreams, disappointments, and questions. I do this by asking lots of questions about who they are and what’s going on in their life.

3) Invite people to church

Maybe the easiest way to introduce friends to God is to introduce them to God’s people. In other words, invite them to church. When we’re at church, we experience God’s presence as his people worship through the preaching of the word, through baptism and communion. Seeing how God reveals himself through broken and imperfect people seems to help put things into context and make ideas and concepts stick.