Leadership Development

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few..." - Luke 10:2

Leadership Development

We offer courses and group learning cohorts both for inside and outside the church with the express goal of developing church leaders. Our goal is to develop relationally healthy, biblical leaders in Jesus' Church and churches.

Depending on the class or cohort, it may focus more on either the heart, head, or hands. However, even though we recognize these distinctions, we understand the human person as a unified whole. Thus, the whole person perceives. The whole person contemplates. The whole person feels. The whole person interprets. The whole person decides. The whole person acts.

When we speak about the pursuit of spiritual maturity we have in mind Spirit-wrought growth of the whole person. Christ formed in the whole person. That framework of the human personality should also carry over in the way we think about and carry out the development of leaders. Discipleship of leaders rightly understood is Christ formed and supremely reigning in the mind, heart and body.

Each course will be 10 sessions, meeting every two weeks and is designed to begin the apprenticeship process for leadership in The Resolved Church. It is open to all who have completed THEO 101, and desire to begin the apprenticeship process for church leadership.  

Developing the Heart

Our goal is to not only teach, listen and learn but to process how those things connect and effect our inner person on a deep heart level.

Developing the Head

Our goal is for the mind to be cognitively engaged and challenged to think high thoughts in accordance with who God is and what He has told us.

Developing the Hands

Our goal is for the posture of the heart and the assent of the head to flow out in intentional action as we live out the truths of the Gospel in our city.

Next Course Offering

THEO 251: Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology is the area of Christian study which seeks to bring cohesion and unity to various systems of Theology. It seeks to have a holistic and comprehensive system of thought which encompasses the whole of the Christian life and faith. It is incredibly important, not just to know the right things about God, but to rightly understand how this is meant to impact and influence every other area of life and practice in a way which is unified and reasonable.

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