Frequently Asked Questions on Community Groups

What is a Community Group?

The purpose of a Community Group is to foster growth and health in our relationship with God, our Christian brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and our non-Christians friends. Communities are the main place where our church functions, exists and acts like a family. In Neighborhood Communities, we eat together, talk about life together, pray together and serve our city together.

Why are Community Groups important?

Truly being a part of a church means participating both in our Sunday gatherings and mid-week communities. Sundays are the time when we celebrate in worshipping our risen Lord Jesus together through singing, hearing the preaching of God’s Word, and partaking in communion. Smaller groups are necessary for the building up of the body in our relationships and life together. Both gatherings, the big and the small, meet different needs in the spiritual health and life of the Church.

Is a Community Group like a Bible Study?

Community groups are the place, where in the context of maturing relationships, we challenge one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. Some groups will follow discussion questions from Sunday’s sermon, go through an approved book or video discussion series together, or have a teaching and training week addressing an area the community needs to grow in. In all cases, the Bible is central and geared toward personal life application and transformation rather than intensive Bible teaching.

What does a typical Community Group gathering look like?

Our community groups vary but all follow the basic format of having three main parts: our Meal, our Lives, and our City. Having a meal together is a great way to build friendships and get to know on another better. Discussing our lives is when we really break out the Bible and talk about how it affects who we are. Loving our city reflects the missional nature of our groups. Each group has a missional aspect to it where it looks for ways to serve the city and the people in it in some sort of project done together. Our community groups end by taking time to pray for one another, showing that we are a people who are in need, in need of God and each other.

Do I have to be a member of The Resolved Church to join a Community Group?

No! If you consider The Resolved Church your home, you are welcome to join a Community Group before becoming a member. However, we do stress the importance of becoming a member, not only because we believe it is biblical but also because Community Groups are intended for those who call The Resolved Church home and for the friends and neighbors we are trying to reach together. Our Communities are not intended for those who are attempting to supplement their involvement at other church, which is a disservice to both churches. Membership is required to be a Community Group leader or host.

I'm not/unsure if I'm a Christian, can I attend a Community Group?

Yes, please do! Joining a community group is one of the best ways for you to find out more about Jesus and to see what Christians are like. If you have questions then there are people there to gently help you process through them.

Are my children welcome to attend a Community Group?

Yes, the church is a family and we love families getting together. It is sometimes chaotic and messy but very healthy for families to see how other Christians families act and deal with situations with their children.

Do you have a Community Group for College Students / Singles / Young Married / Married with Children / Empty Nester?

We treasure the value of relationships between people in various life stages, a healthy church learns and grows most by interacting with people from across the racial, age, and life stage spectrum. For this reason, we intentionally encourage our groups to reflect such unity in diversity.

How big is a Community Group?

Our groups are designed and intended to be small enough for people to get to know each other. When a group grows to 15 or more people we strongly encourage a new group to be started out of that original group.

What if I cannot regularly attend a Community Group?

Consistent participation is very important for the health and stability of the groups. Due to the effect on the group as a whole, a minimum expectation is that individuals should attend more than half the meetings. Challenging schedules are something many people deal with and we encourage individuals and/or families to make Community Groups a priority in the forming of their weekly schedule.

What if I've tried a Community Group and it wasn't a good fit?

We recognize you may need to visit more than one Neighborhood Community before you find the right fit. There is always an adjustment period in getting used to a new group. We encourage people to simply pick a group and stick it out for at least two months before trying another group.

What if there isn't a Community Group where I live?

It is our goal as a church to plant Community Groups in as many of the 100 plus different neighborhoods in San Diego. We encourage people to be a part of a Community Group that is close to them and if not use the ease of travel in San Diego to be involved in a group for a time until one is started in your neighborhood or you are ready to host one there yourself.