Biblical, Grief, Premarital & Marital Counseling

Biblical Counseling

When special circumstances require help beyond Community Groups and the Sunday gathering, the primary place that we work out care and counseling, we partner with professional biblical counselors in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the church. If you would like to be connected with a local biblical counselor, fill out the form below.

Grief Counseling

We ensure a Christ-centered, Bible-based counseling for any adult individual who has experienced such a loss and is in need of healing and comfort is encouraged to inquire.

Premarital/Marital Counseling

Marriage was created by God for the display of His glory and for the joy of His creatures. Through this gift, we are called to consider not only God’s covenantal love but also His incredible patience and unconditional mercy toward His beloved. Because this takes effort and intentionality, we strongly encourage pre-engaged, engaged, and married couples to enter environments where they can experience the messiness of marriage lived out in God-glorifying ways.

We suggest three environments for the development of Christ-centered marriages: a multi-generational group environment, a mentoring environment, and (dependent on the circumstances) a professional counseling environment.