Demon Possession?

Satan is the author of all that is destructive

BY John Warwick Montgomery

A Note from Pastor Duane:

If you want to read a good book on demon possession, this is hands down the most thorough and sound book I know of. It is the result of a symposium on the subject, with contributing chapters from a range of well-educated scholars, edited by John Warwick Montgomery. You’ll walk away from this book with a widespread knowledge and exposure to a host of issues associated with Demon Possession including but not limited to: psychology, psychosis, paranormal studies, medical analysis, philosophical probability, historical perspective, theological and biblical data and numerous case documentations.

Below is a brief excerpt from the book.

Satan is the author of all that is destructive. The Christian's heritage is to be in the process of becoming whole, being conformed into the image of Christ. At what point in sin or suffering one crosses some line where he is now under demonic influence that can be relieved only by a special ministry of deliverance is very unclear. The Hippocratic injunction for physicians to do no harm should be considered very carefully by those who are engaged in deliverance. There is no doubt in my mind that Christians in the mental health field need to become more aware of the fact that we do fight a spiritual warfare and specific prayers for deliverance are in order in certain cases. However, it may well be that a person who confesses and repents of sin, who places himself under the lordship of Jesus Christ, praying for healing with prayer support from a Christian group, blocks demonic activity without even being aware of it. One thing is certain: We have an enemy who is a liar, deceiver, destroyer; but we have the victory in Jesus Christ, the God of Scripture.

Excerpt from Demon Possession edited John Warwick Montgomery