FAQs: R | Music

Interested in volunteering with R | Music? Here are some common questions, contact us for more info!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your ministry called?

R-Music, Music Ministry

What is the purpose, goal, or mission statement for your ministry?

To lead others in worshiping God through music in a way that is theologically rich, doxological, skillful, contextual, missional and genuine.

What are the specific duties of your ministry?

The duties of the music ministry are to attend a mid-week rehearsal, practice your instrument throughout the week, and to arrive early on Sunday afternoons to set up the stage, rehearse and then lead the music portion of the service. After the service, you would tear down and clean up the stage. We also have mentoring and training meetings a few times a year for teaching, mentoring and practicing our musical skills. 

What is the time commitment for your ministry? (As in how many Sundays per month would someone serve, do people need to come early or stay late on Sundays, are there duties to be done during the week, etc.)

The time commitment for the music ministry is serving at least one week per month (could be more frequent). Each time you volunteer, there would be a two hour Wednesday practice at 6:45pm to rehearse. Then it would require you to practice on your own for a few hours per week. Finally, on Sunday we would arrive at 1:30-2:00pm to set up the stage, rehearse and lead music during the service. Then after the service, you would stay to help tear down the stage for 30 more minutes.

Is any certain experience necessary for your ministry or will you train people?

Yes, we require some musical skills to be able to play comfortably in a band setting. There are some opportunities for mentorship and training outside of the service times, but in order to participate in leading on Sundays, musical skills would be required.