On Loving God

God has no gift better than Himself

On Loving God

by Bernard of Clairvaux

Men are driven by an insatiable ambition to clutch at still greater prizes. And nowhere is there any final satisfaction, because nothing there can be defined as absolutely the best or highest. No matter how many such things one has, he is always lusting after what he has not; never at peace, he sighs for new possessions. 

Discontented, the spends himself in fruitless toil, and finds only weariness in the evanescent and unreal pleasures of the world. In his greediness, he counts all that he has clutched as nothing in comparison to what is beyond his grasp, and loses all pleasure by longing after what he has not, yet covets.

It is so that these ones wander in a circle, longing after something to gratify their yearnings, yet madly rejecting that which alone can bring them to their desired end…the love of God. God has no gift better than Himself. He gives Himself as prize and reward. And therein the soul says God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.