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The Resolved Church Investment Prospectus

Who We Are

Our Name

The Bible uses “resolved” in 1 Corinthians 2:2 to speak of dedication to Jesus and His love for cities. A city is a place where a dense amount of diverse people live and form a culture made up of ideas, business, art, play, food, and spirituality.

Our Affiliation

Our church family belongs to the historic Christian faith as handed down through the reformed tradition and we are a part of the Acts 29 Network.

Our Values

God’s Glory - We are a church in pursuit of God and His goodness.

The Jesus Story - We are a church centered in the person and purposes of Jesus.

San Diego - We are a church with a mission to cultivate life and growth in our city.

Our History

Since our inception in 2005 we have been located in the heart of San Diego in the Morena Corridor, recently identified by the city council as key center for development our city. In that time we have:

• Contributed to the revitalization of the local Musicians Union building.

Help bring about renovation improvements and profit to local businesses. 

Opened our space for community events such as: The Humane Society, NAVAIR, Concerts, Conferences and Weddings.

Collaborated with the Bi-Lateral Safety Corridor Coalition fighting sex trafficking in our city.

Partnered with the San Diego Police Homeless Outreach Team to feed and help get those in need get off the streets.

Developed the only Christian worship center in the Morena district where hundreds of people gather each Sunday.

What We Do

Sunday Worship

On the first day of the week we gather to fellowship, welcome guests, sing songs of praise, hear teaching from the Bible, pray and be sent out with blessing back into our city. Through the service for adults and our fun and safe kids program we regularly see people come to faith and get excited about God for the first time.

Community Life

People in our city are longing to belong and have good relationships. We run numerous community groups in homes all over the city. In these homes people find friends, celebrate life with food and drink and learn to love one another. 


Many people experience brokenness in life and need someone to process wounds and help them find healing. Our team has extensive training in counseling and regularly helps those struggling with addictions, abuse, marriage difficulties, family history, and grief. 

Leadership Training

Personal and social development requires education and coaching. Three times a year we offer classes and co-horts for those pursuing leadership in their lives, workplaces and spheres of influence in order to better and prosper our city.

Homeless Care

Once a week we provide food, clothes and hygiene products for 75-100 homeless friends who come to see a smiling face, have an ear to listen and to have something warm to eat. In addition we partner with the San Diego Police to get them connected to free resources and rehab facilities when needed.

Our 2019 Goals

Sunday Worship

We want to see 150 more people benefiting from our Sunday worship gathering.

Community Life

We are on track to double the number of community groups from 10 to 20 in a year.


We will offer specific counseling on financial debt as well as marriage and family. (DONE)

Leadership Training

We are looking to increase enrollment from 30 to 50 students.

Homeless Care

We have begun the process of creating a separate 501(c)3 non-profit for this ministry which would qualify us for donations and grants not available to churches. 

How You Can Partner

We are looking to raise $300K (six months of running room) which will enable The Resolved Church to bless the city of San Diego.


We are looking for individuals or business to partner with us for either a three, six, nine, or twelve month commitment. 

One-Time Donations

We are looking for those who would make a one time investment to help us reach our goals.

Tax Deduction

The Resolved Church is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. 

Tax ID: 20-2636314

For questions contact: [email protected] or (619) 393-1990.